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    Building Construction
     Thanks to the Joinery and Goby Walnut, for making so many of our projects possible with donated wood!
    Course Descriptions

              Woodworking, Advanced Woodworking,
    Building Construction, and Independent Carpentry are courses designed to introduce students to general construction and joinery practices.  Students will expand their knowledge and experience through various projects, lessons, and vocabulary.  Students will be expected to learn about and safely use hand tools, power tools, and woodworking machinery.  The projects are designed to give the students as much experience and knowledge as possible dependant on their level.  The projects will also cover as many aspects of the building and woodworking industries as possible in their course. Please use the links on the left sidebar for detailed descriptions.
    Course Expectations
    Students are expected to work on each of the projects to the best of their ability and use the class time wisely.  Students are also expected to observe all school policies as stated in the LION PRIDE handbook (Dress, Attendance, Electronic devices, etc.)  Since it is important to maintain a professional work environment, students are expected to clean up the shop at the end of each period as well.

    Grading Policy
    Grades are based on quality of projects, work ethic/participation, notebooks, clean-up, and tests. 
                       100% to 90% = A+ to A-
                       89.9% to 80% = B+ to B-
                       79.9% to 70% = C+ to C-
                       69.9% to 60% = D+ to D-
                       59.9% to 0% = F

    Student Shop Fee
              St. Helen’s High School has a $20.00 shop fee requirement.  The fee should be paid to the main office each year.  The fee does not pay for wood, but only consumable material such as sand paper, glue, screws, etc.  Please make checks payable to St. Helens High School for Wood shop fee.
    Jamie Agee in Building Construction
    If you have tools or materials to donate for a tax deductable donation, please contact the instructor
    Josiah Michael Trent
    If you are interested in seeing what careers and future your might have in the construction fields please use the Student Support Services link.
    We are also proud competitors in SkillsUSA!
    David Bair Michael Norris
    Shawn Vielmetti
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