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  • Ron Hernley

    The St. Helens School District is pleased to announce that Ron Hernley will be transferring to Plymouth High School as the new full-time administrator, and will begin his role on July 1, 2022.  Mr. Hernley will be responsible for the overall management of Plymouth High School as well as overseeing the St. Helens Virtual Academy. 

    Mr. Hernley will be supported by district administrators, Matt Doyle and Ted Zehr, as they work together during this transition to assess the needs, mission, and vision of Plymouth High School and the St. Helens Virtual Academy.

    When asked about his new role in the St. Helens School District, Ron stated. “I am excited and happy to share the news of my new role with staff. While I have much to learn and appreciate all of the years of work and history at our options high school, it is also an awesome opportunity to move forward in this unique time of change and evolution for the program, kids, and families. I cannot say enough positives about my time at St. Helens High School, or of all the amazingly great people with whom I have worked with over the years. I can say that as we all move forward, and away from Covid and its impact, this is an incredibly opportunistic time for growth and development throughout our school district as we all place our Feet Forward!”

    Please join us in congratulating Ron Hernley on his new role as the full-time administrator at Plymouth High School and the St. Helens Virtual Academy. 

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