Trojans have P.R.I.D.E.

    in Ms. Johnson’s classes.

    Present & Prepared


    Be ready!

    ·         Attend class everyday.

    ·         Use the restroom before class.

    ·         Be on time.

    ·         Bring all materials (spiral, binder, reading book and pencil) every day.

    ·         Use class time to complete assignments.

    ·         Have homework completed and ready to be collected/corrected.

    ·         Get your work after you are absent.

    ·         Be actively engaged in learning opportunities.




    Treat others the way you want to be treated!


    ·         Respect others’ personal boundaries, privacy, and property.

    ·         Consider the learning of others; do not talk during instructions.

    ·         Use a positive tone.

    ·         Use appropriate language. 

    ·         Be kind and helpful.

    ·         Follow directions of all staff.



    Make the right choice!


    ·         Be honest.

    ·         Do your own work.

    ·         Don’t let others copy off of you. This is cheating.

    ·         Take responsibility, be accountable, and admit your mistakes.

    ·         Accept consequences.

    ·         Consider others’ thoughts and opinions.

    ·         Honor diversity, others’ beliefs and values.

    ·         Clean up messes even if they are not yours.

    ·         Show self-control.




    GRIT – You can do it!


    ·         Set goals and do your best.

    ·         Persevere.

    ·         Stay on task & on topic

    ·         Problem solve.

    ·         Seek help when needed.

    ·         Help others succeed.

    ·         Utilize resources.



    Strive to be the best you can be!


    ·         Set high expectations for yourself.

    ·         Challenge yourself.

    ·         Participate actively.

    ·         Take on leadership opportunities.

    ·         Monitor your grades.

    ·         Be a positive, contributing group member.



Last Modified on September 1, 2021