• 6th Grade Science:

    In science, we will be going through many different including Scientific Method, Metric Measurement, Matter, Energy, Electricity, Waves, Rocks/Minerals, Atmosphere, Human Body, and Ecology.  Each day students will be expected to come prepared with their science journal.  This journal will be used for for daily notes, independent notes, and to study for our assessments.  In addition, students will be participating in laboratory experiments, science activities, and Scientific Inquiry.

    In my class, grades will be based on a variety of assignments including classwork, homework and formal and informal assessments.  Homework assignments will be worth 10 points and are meant to practice skills in preparation for assessments.  Homework assignments will not make up a large percentage of their total points, but will be instrumental in working toward proficiency, which will be shown on assessments.  Letter grades will be based 70% on assessments and 30% on daily work.  Students will have multiple opportunities to show mastery of the standard.


    For more information about our science class, please visit our Canvas Page.