• Language Arts:

    In Language Arts, there will be equal emphasis on fiction and non-fiction reading and writing skills.   In Language Arts we use Holt Elements of Literature as our basal text and each student will have their own text that they can bring home to complete assignments - or just to read for pleasure!  Students will also be expected to engage in self-selected reading, both in and outside of the classroom.  Our writing projects will take a variety of forms, both formal and informal, including poetry, journaling, stories and essays. 



    6th Grade Math:

    Our adopted text, Oregon Focus on Math, closely aligns with the state and NCTM standards.  As with our literature text, Oregon Focus offers rich online resources, including an online textbook and access to all lesson PowerPoint presentations and worksheets.  Following the "Math Book Online" link on the home page twill lead you to the Oregon Focus link.  We will use textbooks as a classroom resource - students will be assigned a textbook andwill be able to take it home as needed.  

    All 6th grade students are expected to show mastery in the following areas:  Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimals; Ratios, Rates and Percents; Introductory Algebra.  With the increased rigor in math, all students are expected to be "algebra ready" by 8th grade.  This increases the pressure in lower grades to master the standards at each grade level.  In addition, students in Advanced Math will be expected to master the first 7th grade standard, which is Rational Numbers and Equations. 
    In my class, grades will be based on a variety of assignments including classwork, homework and formal and informal assessments.  Homework assignments will be worth 10 points and are meant to practice skills in preparation for assessments.  Homework assignments will not make up a large percentage of their total points, but will be instrumental in working toward proficiency, which will be shown on assessments.  Grading is standards-based and letter grades will be based 80% on assessments and 20% on daily work.  Students will have multiple opportunities to show mastery of the standard.