• Grading and Work Policies:



    Classwork, while only 30% of the total grade, is essential to prepare for assessments. Classwork is designed based on instruction and the standards.  

    There will rarely be assigned homework. Classwork that isn’t finished during the allotted time in class will become homework for that evening. Unfinished classwork should be returned the very next school day. There will be occasional research projects that will require at home assistance and work. Any at-home projects will include directions from the assigning teacher. 

    Students will be responsible for bringing their assignments, binders, planners and textbooks home as they need them for work completion. All of these items should also come back to school every day. 

    Students will be expected to keep their lockers and binders tidy. Students with untidy binders will have an opportunity to have help organizing theirs during their Focus period. Planners and binder organization are graded tasks in Focus class.

    Students that miss assignments due to absence are responsible for making arrangements with the teacher in order to make-up the missed assessment. Only for special circumstances can unfinished class work that is taken home be excused without consequences (sporting events, hunting trips or Disneyland do not count as excusable special circumstances). 

    There are no consequences for missing or late work. If the assignment is not finished, the student’s grade will reflect that. Students have until the Wednesday before the end of the quarter to complete any missing assignments and have it still count for that quarter's report card. 

    Progress reports, showing missing assignments or assessment scores that should be retaken, will come home every few weeks.


    Assessment/Grading Policies:

    All assessments, whether formative or summative, are tied to Oregon and Common Core Standards. The instruction, curriculum and class work are designed to meet those standards. Assignments count for 30% of the total grade. Summative assessments count for 70% of the final grade. 


    A: 90 - 100%

    B: 80 - 89%

    C: 70 - 79%

    D: 65 - 69%

    F: 64% or lower

    Any assignment or assessment can be retaken to improve overall grades. Retakes are taken by appointment, during Focus class -OR- after school in that subject area classroom. All retakes and missing assignments are completed and turned in by the Wednesday before the last day of the quarter. Students must hold a conference with the teacher prior to scheduling a retake. In order to qualify for a retake, all work needs to be complete for that unit -AND/OR- the student will complete a new study guide. Students can retake an unlimited number of times within the time frame of that quarter and if all qualifiers are met.


    Classroom Expectations:

    Be Safe: Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself. Keep your area free of obstructions.

    Be Responsible: Follow directions. Be patient and wait your turn. Be honest, kind, and trustworthy.

    Be Responsible: Be on time. Bring necessary materials. Use class time productively. Follow school policies. 


    Personal Electronic Devices: 

    Phones and other personal electronic devices are expected to be on silent and out of sight in the hallways and classrooms. Phones not put away or silenced will be confiscated for the rest of the class period. Two or more incidents will result in stronger consequences. 


    Restroom Procedures:

    The passing time between classes is the best time for the students to use the restroom if needed. Students should only use the restroom during class in the case of an emergency. If they need to use the bathroom during instruction, they must sign out with the teacher. Students have to give teachers their phones before heading to the bathroom and then take their planners as a bathroom pass. Signing back in, once they return, their phone is returned to them.



    Our best line of communication is through your email or through your child. Please encourage them to approach with any questions or concerns. You may reach me at nickp@sthelens.k12.or.us. You may also choose to use their planner, which is an important tool that we will use daily. Phone calls should go through the school’s front office, 503-366-7300. Please make arrangements for any changes in how your child gets home with the office and not with the teachers. 


    Texts and Resources:

    Holt: Elements of Literature

    National Geographic World Cultures and Geography, Oregon Edition

    Various chapter books

Last Modified on August 31, 2019