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    Syb Owens
    SHHS room 22/Life Skills Transition Portable
    8:00 – 4:00 M - F 

    This course teaches the basic knowledge of Special Education and differing abilities. Students will meet with consultants such as Special Education Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Autism Specialists, and Speech Pathologists to discuss various special education issues and categories of special education.  The subject of Autism will be the major concentration.  Exceptional Child is a practicum class, and students will interact and gain hands on experience working with our Life Skills students.


    Course Objectives

    • Students will identify several disabilities and syndromes.
    • Students will learn several research based teaching strategies and techniques specific to Autism.
    • Students will demonstrate their knowledge in a practicum setting. 

    Below are the ODE standards used for this course:

    ERZ04.01       Display dignity and respect for others, especially when working with people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

    ERZ05.01       Use responsive interpersonal and communication skills.

    ERZ06.01       Analyze staff qualifications and workplace environments for careers within the field of education and related programs


    Course Outline
    Handout         Confidentiality/OIS/Respect/Role Model
    Handout         It's Nobody's Fault         
    Handout         What is Special Education?
    Handout          Autism Components

    Handout          Strategies for Teaching Based on Autism Research

    Handout          Functional Assessment and Curriculum Based on Everyday Routines


    Grading Policy

    1.      If a student is absent from the class it is their responsibility to obtain missing handouts/info.

    2.   Current grade is available every week. 

    3.   Grading Scale: P/NP

    4.   To receive a Pass students must participate in each "feedback" session, and turn in a final written or oral final essay.

    Absent and Late Work Policy

    It is the student’s responsibility to make up listening and class activities.


    Course Materials

    Internet Websites     

    Teacher Handouts  

    Strategies for Successful Students

    ·         Have positive and consistent interaction and  participation with the Life Skills students

    ·         Seek out a Life Skills student to pair up with.

    ·         Observe Teacher/Life Skills interaction as a model.

    ·         Complete reading assignments before class begins.

    ·         Keep electronic devices silenced.

    ·         Arrive on time.

    ·         Be respectful.


    Classroom Conduct and Expectations

    Students will be held to the behavioral expectations and consequences outlined in the Student Handbook.

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