• Identification of Talented and Gifted Students
    Students are identified through a case study approach based on a collection of evidence, not a single test score.  The case study includes confirming learning and performance information from parents, teachers, and the student, if appropriate.


    Students are identified in one or more of the following areas:

    Intellectually Gifted 
    Students score at or above the 97th percentile on a nationally standardized test of mental ability, using Full Scale Score or Composite Score. Sub-test cannot be used.
    Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), administered in the second and sixth grades or an individually administered mental ability test
    Academically Talented

    Students score at the 97th percentile on a nationally standardized test in either Total Reading or Total Mathematics.  Individual sub-test scores cannot be used.

    Oregon State Assessment or an individually administered assessment
    Potential to Perform at or above the 97th Percentile
    Those students who score within a few percentage points of the 97th percentile on either a test of cognitive or academic ability and have extenuating circumstances that are perceived to be a barrier to their achievement.

    Students who are twice-exceptional, ELL, culturally different, economically disadvantaged, or exhibit other specific barriers to their performance are considered.