• PCC Dual Credit through Building Construction Courses
       High school students in the Portland area are receiving college credits for  high school courses through an "articulated credit" program at Portland Community College called PCC Dual Credit. Two courses are said to be "articulated" when the high school course has the same content and outcomes as the college course. Although taught in the high school, the course materials, content and instructional quality are consistent with (or "articulated" with) courses offered by the community college. Because of that articulation, a student would be able, following high school graduation, to transition smoothly to the next level of college courses in the subject area. (see the Roadmap for help with transition)
       The courses articulated through the Building Constructing Department at St Helens High School are shown below:


    PCC Title


     BCT 106

     Hand/Power Tool Use/Safety


     BCT 218

     Woodworking Projects


     BCT 103

     Residential Materials and Methods


       To aquire these credits the student must pass both Woodworking and Building Construction with a passing grade and apply while taking the Building Construction Course.
       For further information, please talk with the instructor or follow the PCC web link provided here.