• Custom Framed Dog House(s) - $50

    Buy a St. Helens High School student built doghouse! Complete with 20-30yr roofing and a window! The Woodworking program at St. Helens High School uses the sales of these doghouses to help fund their program. Actual material cost is calculated based on current Home Depot prices for a total of $62 for material alone! Doghouses are framed with 1X2 fir, paneled with rough sawn T 1-11 siding, painted, trimmed out, and roofed by students going through the program!

    Dimensions: (roughly 2 ft wide by 3 ft long and 2 ft tall)
    Total LxWxH = 42"x32"x34"
    Interior LxW = 32"x20"
    Doorway WxH = 11.5"x17.5"

    Note: These will NOT NOT NOT fit in a car or smaller SUV
    Note: Interior is unfinished open stud bays

    Current Colors available: (Main color first, trim color second) as of 10/23/12
    Black, White
    Black, Red
    Red, Black
    Pink, Black
    For questions or sales, please contact the instructor
    Joe Mauck
    Pink and Black
    Black and Red