• Advanced Woodworking


    Course Syllabus

    St. Helens High School


    Course:                                   Advanced Woodworking

    Prerequisites:                         Woodworking 17006

    Course Period:                      1st, 2nd, and 6th

    Course /office location:         Building D Room 64

    Course Duration:                  Half year  –  (85 days X 50 min)

    Instructor:                              Joe Mauck                            

    Office hours:                          8:00am to 3:30pm

    Office phone:                         (503) 366-7416

    E-Mail:                                   joem@sthelens.k12.or.us


    Course Description

    Advanced woodworking is a course that emphasizes more of a freeform sculpting focus.  Students will be required to do 6 projects throughout the class and be self motivated. Projects include a Cutting board, candlesticks, salad tongs, scroll saw puzzle, and two personal projects.


    Required Equipment and Supplies

    1.      Pencil (every day)

    2.      Proper work clothing (no high heels, sandals, etc)



    At the end of the quarter I will assign students a letter grade based on the following criteria:

                                                    A =  90% to 100%

                                                    B =  80% to 89%

                                                    C =  70% to 79%

                                                    D =  60% to 69%

                                                    F =    0% to 59%


    I will calculate your grade by expressing your total accumulated points at the end of the term as a percentage of the possible points. It will be a letter grade based on the following:


    1. Participation—80% of your grade (time cards-1pt/day, and work ethic-10pt/day)

    Time cards are due every 2nd Friday, legible, with complete sentences.

    1. Projects—20% of your grade


    Daily participation/formative assessment points breakdown:

                10 pts… On time, 100% on task, completes clean-up work, safe

    5 pts… A combination or one of the following: Tardy, not always on task, no clean-up, unsafe, disrespectful, etc.

                0 pts… Absent, cutting class, defiant, unsafe, vandalism, etc.


    Projects include:

                Scroll saw puzzle

                Two candle holders

                Cutting board

                A salad fork and spoon

                Two personal projects that are verified by the teacher
                Proper time card application


    In alignment with State and National standards, this course provides representation and assessment in the following areas:


    Common Career Technical Core Standards (CCTC) Numbers: AC-CST (1 – 9)


    CCTC Curriculum Template:



    Oregon Skill Sets Carpentry Focus area: COZ01.01 – COZ10.02


    Oregon Skill Sets Carpentry Focus area: COPF10.01 - COPF10.18