• CAS Syllabus

    Content Area Strategies 2021-2022

    Instructor:  Bill Dale                                                                                           

    • Linfield College B.A. Education
    • Linfield College M.E. Education
    • O.S.C. Handicapped Learners Endorsement


    Room B48

    Phone: 503-366-7462                                                                                        

     Email: billd@sthlens.k12.or.us

    Office Hours:    7:30am-7:45am



    Course Description:  This class is designed to help you, the student, build on the skills you already have, by participating and completing class activities and assignments.  It is also an opportunity to work on goals specified in your IEP.  You are in class for 50 minutes and it is expected of you to use the time wisely.  If you have questions, please ask, as you are your own best advocate.   


    1. Attend class on a regular basis and be on time. Being a student is your job.
    2. Come to class prepared with materials needed.
    3. Use your time wisely and give your best effort. Don’t waste an opportunity to succeed.
    4. Tardy Policy: Be in the classroom when the bell rings.
    5. Phones off and away.

    Grading Policy

    • Weekly Grade – 5 points possible

    1 Point each

    • Attend class
    • Completing class assignments/activities
    • Working quietly on other class assignments
    • Weekly Progress report – 5 points possible
    • CAS Assignments as given


    Things to work on during class


    1. Assignments/Activities from CAS class or other classes.

    “But I have nothing to do”

    1. Review of class work for quizzes and tests
    2. Read a book or magazine
    3. Writing choice
    4. Access Student View for progress report


    Please sign, indicating that you have read and understand the information.


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