• Search Engine Guides


    Google Guide
    An interactive tutorial and reference for experienced users, novices for using Google in research.

    Google Search Operators
    Techniques to help narrow down searches. Search operators are very helpful in doing research.

    Google Advanced Search
    Uses several advanced operators for finding pages you prefer/

    Google Advanced Operators
    This Google cheat sheet explains advanced operators, includes math queries, specialized information queries, conversions and more.

    Yahoo Search Shortcuts
    Search techniques to aid in searching Yahoo search engine..

    Gmail Shortcuts
    This cheat sheet lists keyboard shortcuts for opening mail, starting messages, archiving, forwarding and more with just a few clicks.

    50+ Google and Yahoo Search Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
    Search Engine Journal provides this cheat sheet, which compares 50+ Google and Yahoo shortcuts and shows you how to create your own.

    Bing Search Engine Shortcuts
    Improve your Bing searches with these simple Bing search shortcuts and advanced keywords.

    All-Purpose Search Engines List
    Page sheet describes the top all-purpose search engines and provides links.

    All-Purpose Search Engines
    This cheat sheet lists book search engines, blog search engines, business search engines and more.

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