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    Our staff believes strongly in Information, Media and ICT literacy(Information and Communication Technologies). It is fundamental in the pursuit of knowledge and learning. This section provides valuable links on Oregon Standards for incorporating technical and digital tools for student success.

    Information Literacy: Critical thinking is used to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively integrate information. Students locate necessary materials and critically apply the knowledge by the use of various resources such as print materials, various media and digital and internet formats. This skill is central to life-long learning.
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    Digital Literacy: Computer and technological skills needed for communicating, interpreting and evaluating various forms of media, data, and resource evaluation. This includes a variety of computer programs, social media protocols as well as including the spectrum of electronic devices; smartphones, laptops, tablets, personal computers.

    Digital Citizenship: Understand the ethics of online/digital behavior and etiquette that is appropriate, responsible, and legal. This includes social media interactions, digital security measures and appropriately documenting intellectual property, copyright rules, as well as properly citing internet sources for research.

    Why is Digital Citizenship Important?

    Digitial Citizenship Videos






    Oregon Educational Technology Standards

    • Oregon Educational Technology Plan: Strategic Technology Vision to lay a path for accomplishments that aligns with the USDE Strategic Plan, ODE Strategic Framework, IRMD Strategic Plan, E2T2/E-Rate Plan, Oregon School Board Vision and the Quality Education Model.
    • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards: A roadmap for improved teaching and learning by educators throughout the United States. The standards are credited with significantly influencing expectations for students and creating a target of excellence relating to technology.


    More Information

    • Partnership for 21st Century Learning: P21 recognizes that all learners need educational experiences in school and beyond...to build knowledge and skills for success in a globally and digitally interconnected world. They represent 5 million members worldwide uniting business, government and education leaders from the U.S. and abroad to advance evidence-based education policy and practice and to make innovative teaching and learning a reality for all.
    • Digital Literacy: This is the destination for digital literacy resources and collaboration. Use it to share and enhance the tools necessary to learn computer and Internet skills needed in today’s global work environment.
    • Digital Literacy Resources: The Digital Literacy website provides a rich global resource and collaborative environment to promote universal ICT and Digital Literacy.



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