Instructor Information

    Instructor:           Keith Meeuwsen

    Education:           Bachelor of Arts, Pacific University 1986

                                    Master of Arts in Teaching, Lewis and Clark College 1992

    Room :                  B-39

    Work Phone:     503-397-1900 ext. 7470

    Work email:        keithm@sthelen.k12.or.us

    Hours:                   8:00am – 4:00pm


    Course Description:

    US History is a one year course that studies the major events that happened in the United States from 1898 until present. The course will focus on questions and activities to understand how “we” got to where we are today in this country and what we can learn from looking at the past to guide us in the future.

    Course Outline:

    Unit 1 –Spanish American war – Is the United States an empire?

    Unit 2 – Progressive Movement – Is it the governments job to solve problems for it’s citizens?

    Unit 3 – World War 1 – How does this war matter today?

    Unit 4 – The 20’s – Is diversity a good thing for the United States?

    Unit 5 – The Depression – What were the causes and effects of the Depression and New Deal?

    Semester Project/Test

    Unit 6 – WW2 – What were the causes and effects?

    Unit 7 – Holocaust – What causes genocide and why do we keep having them?

    Unit 8 - Civil Rights Movement – What  were the causes and effects and did the movement succeed?

    Unit 9 – The Cold War – What were the causes and effects of this era on the USA and the world.

    Unit 10 – The 60’s – Continuity and change that result from the era.

    Unit 11 – Desert Storm and the Middle East – How our relationship with that region changed us.

    Unit 12 – Contemporary issue.

    Semester Test/Project


    Absent policy:

    If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up the work in the time provided. You have one day to make up work for each day you have been absent. When coming back after an absence, the best strategy is to look in your class box for worksheets and assignments, look at the white board to see what we did and then to ask a friend what took place – if you still need help – I will help you but I want you to try to solve this on your own first.

    Course Materials:

    The American Republic since 1877 is our main text. There will also be additional materials.

    Grading Policy:


    80% of your grade will be based on summative assessments. These assessments will be based on the learning targets of the class. 20% of the grade will be based on formative assessments. At the end of the semester there will be a final exam or project worth 20% of the grade.

    You will have one opportunity to retake cumulative assessments based upon completion of all qualifiers and discussion with the teacher. Retakes will only be offered on Academic Achievement periods. All retakes must be completed prior to the summative assessment for the next unit.

     All work is due at the beginning of the period – NOT THE END OF THE DAY.

    There is no late work for formative assessments. Of course if you are absent, that is different.

    All work must be completed 5 days before the end of the semester.

    Once a 9 weeks is complete. There is no opportunity to go back and redo or retake assignments and tests from that 9 weeks.

    If you have any grading issues – Please come and discuss this with me. I want you to succeed and will help in any way I can.

    Successful students in my class:

    Students who want to get the most out of my class come to class on time, have materials, come every day, participate in class discussions and activities, are positive, and do the work on time. The work they do is clean, typed if possible, and shows effort.


    1. Be on time and prepared.
    2. Students will practice safety.
    3. Only one person will talk at a time.
    4. Students will respect other students the classroom and the teacher.


    1. Food is restricted. Stealth food only.
    2. Drinks are allowed – clean up is vital and will be explained.
    3. Bathroom is very restricted.
    4. The turn in basket is on my desk – that is the only place to turn papers in!
    5. The out baskets are on my bookshelf – that is where graded papers go.
    6. Assignments are in the file boxes on my bookshelf – look there if you are absent for your work.
    7. Cell phones are put away and put on silent at the beginning of class.