• Library FAQ


    What are the library’s hours?
    We open at 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday when school is in session.

    What do I need to check out materials?
    Students require their Student ID number and/or their St. Helens High School official id card.

    How many books can I have checked out at one time?
    You can have a total of 5 books.

    How do I know when my books are due?
    You will find a stamped card in the back pocket of the book with the due date. You can also check your book at the front desk.

    How long can I keep my library book?
    Most books are checked out for three weeks. Reference books are overnight only. You may renew as many times as needed to complete the book as long as there are no holds placed by other students.

    Are there fines for overdue books?
    Yes, fines are .25 cents a day for regular books with a maximum overdue fine of $5.00.

    What are the fees for damaged books?
    Books with liquid damage, mildew, torn pages, broken binding, chewed marks etc are charged the replacement cost of the book since they are unusable by other students.

    What if a book is lost?
    Lost library books and textbooks are charged the full replacement cost of the book. If textbooks are returned fines are removed and/or the money is refunded.

    My textbook has writing it in what do I do?
    You have a month from checkout to notify us that the book is damaged. We will note the damage and you will not be responsible for it.

    How do I renew a book?
    Bring the book to the front desk and staff can renew it for you. You may renew as many times as needed to complete the book as long as there are no holds placed by other students. We encourage students to renew their items prior to the due date.

    Where can I make a suggestion to the Library?
    Suggestions can be submitted by Suggestion Form available at the front desk.


    How do I request a book that is already checked out?
    A staff member can place a “Hold” on a book for you. You will be notified when it becomes available. The book will be reserved for 14 days.

    Does the library have calculators I can use?
    Calculators are available for student checkout during homework club. Students must have written permission from their teacher for scientific calculators for school use.

    Can I come to the library during class?
    Teachers must fill out a Destination Pass completely and must include student name, date, time left the room, and teacher signature. When you arrive at the library, fill out the sign-in sheet near the entrance. Show your pass to the librarians for verification.

    Can I come to the library during AAP (Academic Achievement Period)?
    Yes, with red destination passes only and they must be filled out completely. This period is for computer use only.

    Can I do my homework during lunchtime?
    Yes, we encourage this time to catch up on coursework.

    Can I eat and bring drinks into library?
    There is no eating in the library. Drinks are only allowed if there is pop-top lid like a water bottle cap.

    How many computers are in the library?
    The Media Center has 13 computers for students to use while the library is open. The Library Computer Lab contains 32 computers and is used for entire classrooms.

    Is there a printer I can print to?
    Yes, the Media Center computer station has a black and white printer for student school work.

    Can I play games on the library computers?
    Educational games that are assigned by teacher and as part of the class assignment may be played on the library computers. If not part of a class assignment, students will be asked to follow district guidelines. (See computer use and district guidelines)

    Does the library take donations?
    Yes, new and gently used books are welcome. Please see our Donation page for more information.



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