• PE: Walk/Jog
    Course Description 


    Walk/ Jog/ Run

    This course is designed to help students participate in a regular exercise program that is self-paced and involves walking, jogging, and/or running. While materials will be presented on different aspects of developing a walking, jogging, and/or running program, the main emphasis is on the actual participation of walking, jogging, and/or running. In this class, you will improve your cardiovascular fitness that will lead to more energy, reduce stress and lead to better physical and mental health. Goal setting will also play a part in our development of a program and self-improvement plan.


    In this class, students are expected to walk, jog or run outside for a period of time. Safety MUST be our number one concern when choosing a place or places to complete our walk, jog or run assignment. It is recommended students find a consistent place to complete these assignments, so they become familiar with the route and any possible hazards. We will be going into more detail on safety measures to consider in our first week and as the course develops. We will also work to identify accessible places in the local community for each student to complete their assignments. Please contact me asap if any safety concerns arise and we will work together to address them.

    Course Objectives

    Students will be evaluated on how well they participate in daily walking and jogging activities as well as by their ability to demonstrate proficiency in the core learning standards for Physical Education as set by the Oregon Department of Education and listed below:

    PE.1.HS.1: Level 1: Demonstrates competency in two or more categories for lifetime activities. Categories: (Aerobic/cardiovascular activities, outdoor pursuits, individual-performance activities, aquatics, net/wall games, or target games).

    PE.1.HS.3: Level 1 Demonstrates competency of specialized skills in health-related fitness activities through addressing 1 or more components of fitness. Components of fitness include muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular-respiratory endurance, body composition, and flexibility.

    PE.2.HS.3: Level 1 Creates a practice plan to improve performance for a self-selected skill

    PE.3.HS.1: Level 1 Discusses the benefits of a physically active lifestyle

    PE.3.HS.7: Level 1 Calculates target heart rate and applies that information to a personal fitness plan to understand the rate of perceived exertion.

    PE.4.HS.1: Level 1 Understands personal factors and barriers that impact participation.

    PE.4.HS.5: Level 1 Applies best practices for participating safely in physical activity and exercise (e.g., injury prevention, proper alignment, hydration, use of equipment, implementation of rules, sun protection).

    PE.5.HS.1: Level 1 Analyzes the health benefits of a self-selected physical activity.

    PE.5.HS.2: Level 1 Challenge is a focus in level 2. Level 2 Chooses an appropriate level of challenge to experience success and desire to participate in a self-selected physical activity.

    Walk/Jog Course Outline

    • Program Design for Self Improvement 
    • Target Heart Rate Monitoring 
    • Safety Measures to Consider When Exercising Outside
    • Walk/Jog Technique for performance 
    • Walk/Jog Route Setting       
    • Reflection of Performance/ Program Assessment   
    • Personal Accountability and Goal Setting          

    Grading Policy
    Students will receive 10 points each day for the following: 1. participation in class zoom meeting 2. participation in walk/jog activity and 3.map assignment submission. Additional points will be given for assignments and activities that do not fit into the three categories listed above.

    Grades on CANVAS will be updated after every major assignment and module.
    Grading will consist of: MODULES, quizzes, daily work, homework, and most of all PARTICIPATION.
    The grade will be based on a percentage of points earned to the total points possible.
    This course is 9 weeks in length. Grades will be submitted for .5 credit at the end of the first 9 weeks grading quarter.
    The grading scale in the student handbook will be followed.
    Students are expected to attend and participate in live zoom meeting for full points.


    We will be doing the MAJORITY of our work and assignments on CANVAS.
    The best way to access CANVAS is in the Google Chrome web browser.

    Student Help Videos (2)-
    Canvas Overview for Students Canvas Tutorial Video Series
    Canvas LMS - Student Orientation Tour

    Parent Videos: Both are also great!
    Canvas LMS for Parents
    Parent Pointers: Understanding Your Child’s Canvas Account

    Assignments and directions for the day will be best accessed from the MODULE portion of our course homepage found on CANVAS.

    Course Materials
    https://www.strava.com/login We will be using an online platform called Strava to track our walk/jog activities. It allows us to see our routes walked/jogged via gps mapping, set goals, track progress and much more. It can be accessed through a web browser or mobile app from any smart device. Student are not encouraged to purchase the upgraded version of Strava as all class activities will fit inside the capabilities of the free version. We will learn more about how to use this app/online program as the course develops.
    Classroom Conduct and Expectations

    Classroom Procedures for CANVAS and ZOOM:

    1. Be respectful to yourself and to others at all times.

    2. Participate in class discussions. Ask questions in the chat, respond to posts, raise your hand, (either on camera, or with the “raise hand” button), and lets enjoy this quarter!

    3. If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you missed by checking the CANVAS modules and To-Do List in the Walk/Jog course. If you are struggling, please send an email to mattl@sthelens.k12.or.us, and I will try my best to help.

    4. Students will be in LIVE zoom meetings with Mr.Lokken twice a week. On Fridays, there will be a self-guided lesson posted on CANVAS.

    5. During the ZOOM meetings, if you decide to have your camera off, (for whatever reason) I will still be checking for understanding on subject matter in the chat, so make sure you are prepared to respond.

    6. Be sure that you try to find a quiet place in the house, car, coffee shop, parking lot, or neighbor’s house that you are borrowing WiFi from. :)

    7. If you miss a LIVE zoom, it will be recorded and posted later on CANVAS. Be sure to watch it, and complete any requirements. These recordings can also be used to help at points of confusion to answer questions.

    8. Do your OWN work on all assignments and please use integrity when submitting reports of walk/jog routes.

    9. QUESTIONS! This is a new way of learning for all of us. If you have a question or more, please feel free to send an email to me as well. Our face to face time will be limited.