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Title I-A

Title I-A is a federally funded program which provides supplemental resources to ensure that all children, particularly children in the highest poverty schools, have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.  Title I is based on the premise that all students can succeed.  Funding is given to each school district dependent upon the number of low-income families in the district.  Each school has representation from parents, teachers, para-educators and administrators who work together to plan programs to help children accelerate their learning.  As a result, each school or program may look slightly different, with each school determining the grade levels and subjects to target and serve.    

In the St. Helens School District, all three elementary schools; Columbia City Elementary, McBride Elementary and Lewis and Clark Elementary have Schoolwide Title I programs.  A student can become eligible for the program based on multiple academic measures in addition to considering the following:   

  • Children who are economically disadvantaged
  • Children with disabilities
  • Migrant children
  • Limited English proficient children
  • Children who qualify as Neglected or Delinquent
  • Homeless Children
  • Those children who within the previous two years have participated in Head Start, Even Start, Early Reading First, Title I Pre-School, or Part C

Each Title I Program has a written plan that summarizes information about different programs and planning elements that will ensure eligible students have the assistance they need to meet the State's academic achievement standards.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in the design of their school's Title I program, to volunteer at school, to attend parent conferences and open house, and to work closely with their child at home and with the teachers at school. Parents are encouraged and invited to participate in the planning of the district plan and other events and parent activities available at their neighborhood schools.

Private Schools

The St. Helens School District does not have any Private Schools within District boundaries at this time.