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Lead In Drinking Water

The District has developed a periodic testing, rehabilitation and communication protocol in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s 3T’s Revised Technical Guidance which includes the following:

  • Identify sources of lead: All taps used for drinking or food preparation in school buildings and facilities are tested to identify any lead problems. Oregon Health Authority (OHA)-accredited drinking water laboratories analyze samples for lead.
  • Stop access: Access to water taps that have more than 20 parts per billion (ppb) of lead are prevented. This includes a variety of methods, including but not limited to shutting off taps, covering water fountains, and providing bottled water to students and staff members.
  • Communicate: Results from tests for lead in water are available to students, families, and the community as quickly as possible. Test results will be made public and posted to the district website here:
  • Mitigate and correct: Sources of lead in building plumbing are replaced in accordance to EPA guidance.

Water Testing Reports