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St. Helens School District Budget Information



The St. Helens School District No. 502 is seeking applicants for three (3) vacancies on the District Budget Committee. Each term has an initial three year appointment. Due to the mid-term resignation of some position holders, not all vacancies have a full three year term remaining. Position vacancies and their expiration are as follows:

Position Years of Appointment Calendar Date Expiration Budget Year Expiration
1 2 Years Remaining 6/30/2025 2025-2026
2 2 Years Remaining 6/30/2025 2025-2026
4 Full Term - 3 Years Remaining 6/30/2026 2026-2027


Each term requires the attendance of several evening meetings during the course of the year.  Applications are available for pick up at St. Helens School District Office, 474 North 16th Street, St. Helens, Oregon or online at and will be accepted until the close of business on Friday, March 1st, 2024. In the case of multiple applicants, the Board will interviews interested persons at the board meeting on Wednesday, March 13th, 2024.

Budget Committee Application

2024-2025 Budget Committee Calendar

2024-2025 Budget page

2023-2024 Budget Documents

Budget Message

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SHSD 502 - 2023-24 Budget

Revised 5-31-23 Document

Budget Committee Information  

The St. Helens School District’s Budget Committee consists of five members appointed by the school board plus the five elected school board members. Terms for a budget committee position are three years. To be eligible for appointment the appointed member must reside in the district, be registered to vote in the district; and not be an officer, agent or employee of the district.      

Current Budget Committee members and term expiration dates are:

Kellie Smith (School Board) 6/30/25
Melody Killens (School Board) 6/30/23
Ryan Scholl (School Board) 6/30/25
Trinity Monahan (School Board) 6/30/25
Bill Amos (School Board) 6/30/23
Open (Position 1) 6/30/22
Open (Position 2) 6/30/22
Rachel Barry (Position 3) 6/30/24
Open (Position 4) 6/30/23
Claire Catt (Position 5) 6/30/24