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Boundary Changes for 17-18

Elementary Boundary Update

Given the opening of Columbia City Elementary, new elementary boundaries will be in effect starting with the 2017-18 school year.

Proposed boundaries were developed in accordance with established criteria:

  • Maximize building use/equalize numbers
  • Preserve neighborhood links
  • Ensure ethnic and socio-economic diversity
  • Consider transportation costs / student travel time
  • Minimize transitions - students move from LC/McB to CC, not between LC and McB

The St. Helens School Board approved plan #2 at their 5/24/17 Regular School Board Meeting.  The SES numbers indicates socioeconomic status as measured by our national school lunch program.

Boundary Matrix Data

The Google Boundary Maps link for the approved plan is below so you can review the map and find/search for your residence.

Search Directions 

To search for your address on the Google Map click the search icon

Search Icon

, a little magnifying glass.  You then enter in your address to see your residence on the map and in which boundary it falls.

The blue area is for McBride Elementary, the green area is for Lewis & Clark Elementary and the orange area is for Columbia City Elementary.  Click on the link to search by your residence adress to find your school boundary area.

2017-2018 Elementary Boundaries Map Link

Approved 2017-2018 Elementary Attendance Boundaries