• Name

    Theresa Foley aka Teacher Foley


    Before The Closure: Writer's Workshop

    During The Closure: 8th Grade Humanitites

    COVID 19 Update: 

    To those who have come looking for information regarding Writer's Workshop, I regret to inform you that my subject is no longer being offered at this time. Due to the closure, Ms. Briggs (our 8th grade humanities teacher) had to adopt the role of 8th grade coordinator. This shift left the position of 8th grade humanities unfilled, but due to my endorsements, I was asked to step in and teach this core subject. Unfortunately, this left my subject (Writer's Workshop) unfilled. While it pains me greatly to leave my subject (and I'm sure it hurts my Quarter 4 students as well) this is the decision our administration has come to. Because I am unable to teach both subjects, there is not a Google Classroom for Writer's Workshop. However, I will be uploading writing prompts to my web page for students to access. Prompts can be found under the "Writing Prompts" tab. If you have any questions or need additional information, I am happy to offer my time.

    How To Contact Me: 

    Phone: 503 366 7353

    Email: theresaf@sthelens.k12.or.us