• Name

    Isa Foley aka Teacher Foley


    Writers Workshop


    Narrative Assessment:

    • 7th Grade - Time Travel: A Different Perspective (Fictional Narrative)
      • Students practice writing in different perspectives by contemplating, “What is a story that I can tell through someone else?”
      • Students will research a historical event of their choosing and use their findings to inform their perspective. 
    • 8th Grade - A Story In Three Scenes (Fictional or Personal Narrative)
      • Students examine the relationship between structure and story and write a narrative in three scenes. 

    Argumentative Assessment: 

    • 7th Grade - The Fun We Had (Argumentative Essay)
      • Students must compare and contrast their CDL (Comprehensive Distance Learning) experience to that of the students in the story. Students will use this thinking to determine their thesis, “My CDL experience is quite different from Issac Asimov’s prediction of the future” or, “My CDL experience closely mirrors Issac Asimov’s prediction of the future.”
      • Students will support their thesis with relevant textual evidence and strong explanations of their sourced quotes. 
    • 8th Grade - What's The Theme? (Argumentative Essay)
      • Students must determine the theme of a song of their choosing and support this theme in their argumentative essay through sound reasons and relevant textual evidence. 

    Informational Assessment:

    • 7th and 8th Grade - Wise Words From Gen Z
      • Students write an article explaining how to use an app or digital platform that they have selected. Students will practice organizing their ideas logically and writing for an intended audience. 


    How To Contact Me: 

    Phone: 503 366 7353

    Email: isaf@sthelens.k12.or.us