• Name: Theresa Foley aka Teacher Foley

    Subject: Writer's Workshop

    COVID 19 Update: 

    First off, I want my students to know that I miss seeing you everyday and I just hope that everyone is holding up okay. This transition is incredibly difficult for everyone and the SHMS staff is working as hard as they can to restore as much normalcy as possible and continue being a resource for their students. For me, this looks like swift replies to emails, being available to talk (whether it be email, phone calls, Google Hangout, or another platform preferred by the student) and the willingness to readily provide individualized learning opportunities to the students who want them. With the closure, I'm not sure if I will continue teaching my subject (Writer's Workshop) or if I will instead assist the Humanities department or other content areas such as Family Engagement. However, I am always happy to create writing warm-ups for students and find creative ways for them to further the learning they started in my course.

    To my students: if you are working on a piece of writing and wish to share it with me, I am still accepting your poems, stories, articles, and essays. You can send it with the request that I read it or you can request that I provide feedback and I will offer ways for you to improve your piece! I am also more than happy to write you individualized sentence starters to fictional stories, design word banks for you to create fridge magnet poems, or have a structured debate on the topic of your choosing. Seriously, if you are bored, send me an email!

    To parents/guardians and students alike, I regret to inform you that my class (for Quarter 3) has become a pass/fail situation. This means that if you worked really hard to get a 100%, your final grade will be reflected as a "P," but just know that I see your hard work and am very proud of your effort. If you are worried about not passing my class, please know that I am still accepting late work. *Cough Cough* Turn in your Info Books. It seems as though strong communication is what is going to get us through this, so I encourage you to talk to me and let me know how I can help you, especially if you need picutures of missing assignments. 

    How To Contact Me: 

    Phone: 503 366 7353

    Email: theresaf@sthelens.k12.or.us

    Office Hours (Starting April 7th): 9am-11am, Tuesday-Friday

    A Bit About Me:

    Hey there! My name is Theresa Foley and this is my first year teaching with a contract. I graduated from the University of Portland in 2019 with a BS in Secondary Education and cannot thank UP enough for setting me up in classrooms since 2015. After being exposed to multiple grade levels, I knew that middle school was where I wanted to be. I am overjoyed to be teaching writing (I’ve never had the same passion for history, so this position felt as though it was designed with my skillset in mind) and discovering my place at this school has been an incredible experience. As far as hobbies go, I love being outside and being creative. Cycling has got to be my favorite sport, and rock climbing is a close second. I enjoy reading, writing, origami, making art, and playing board games that demand a proficiency in complex strategy (if you want to win… which, I do). Teaching is my passion and I hope to share my love of writing and critical thinking with my students this year. I am a firm believer in strong communication and make sure to make myself available to those that need to reach me.