• Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors Classes

    AP courses give students the opportunity to do college-level courses while in high school. The benefits include earning college credits along with starting at a higher placement in college courses. The CollegeBoard determines AP curricula.

    Honors courses are similar to regular classes but are more in depth and academically challenging than regular classes. Honors curricula can be determined by state officials, administrators as well as teachers.

    We have many AP and Honors courses. Students, please check with your counselor and teachers for placement. 

    Due to Covid-19, summer assignments for AP or Honors classes are optional for students to continue learning. If you have any questions, please contact the AP or Honors teacher. 

    Course Name Teacher-Website Summer Assignment
    LANGUAGE ARTS 9H (Honors) Ms. Carrie McCallum NA
    LANGUAGE ARTS 10H (Honors) Ms. Allison Conley  
    LANGUAGE ARTS 11H (Honors- American Literature) Mrs. Jessica Blount    
    AP BIOLOGY Mr. John Prunty   
    AP COMPUTER SCIENCE Ms. Ping Sager  
    AP CHEMISTRY Mr. Neil Ford  
    AP US HISTORY Mr. Alex Reed  
    AP EUROPEAN HISTORY Mr. Keith Meeuwsen  


    Meets Standard Diploma requirements with a 3.5 GPA or higher (weighted)
    3 years World Language minimum
    4 years Math minimum
    27 minimum credits
    3 credit minimum of AP or Dual-Credit Option courses