• Family & Consumer Science

    Family and Consumer Science include the study of all subjects relating to the family and the consumer. Here at St. Helens High School, we offer classes in the following areas:


    By completing the following courses a student will receive recognition at graduation with a Concentrated Area of Study in Early Childhood Education. This is a good choice for students who would like to pursue the fields of education, child care, social work, medicine, physical therapy and occupational therapy. 

    This course is a semester class which studies the growth of children from prenatal through age three.  The class is designed to give students a general understanding of children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development and needs.  Students will learn the stages of growth, appropriate activities, positive discipline techniques and safety procedures when dealing with infants and young children.  Proper care of infants, first aid, nutritional needs and food sanitation will also be stressed.  

    This course covers theories of child development and developmental sequences of children from pre-school through middle childhood for early childhood educators. Emphasis is placed on characteristics of physical/motor, social, emotional, and cognitive/language development and appropriate experiences for children. Upon completion, students should be able to identify developmental characteristics, plan experiences to enhance development, and describe appropriate interaction techniques and environments.

    3 credits from PCC are available for this course  

    The goal of this year long course is to help students understand all aspects of quality childcare and early childhood education.  Students will learn job skills as they work with young children and as co-workers in the Little Lion’s Preschool.  Students will work in groups of 4-5 and will have responsibilities in the preschool as planners, helpers, teachers, observers and also have academic assignment responsibilities.  Students will assume a variety of responsibilities for the Lion Enterprise.

    2 credits from PCC are available for this course

    This course covers topics relating to self, your personality, relationships to self and others, formation of lasting relationships, adult rights and responsibilities, single and married lifestyles, parenting, communication and decision making skills, stress and time management, conflict resolution and individual and family crisis. 

    Two semesters of this course are required for the Early Childhood Education Concentrators. Students have the opportunity to work with infants and toddlers in Cub’s Corner Child Care Center for pass/fail credit (as Child Care TA) or a letter grade (as a Child Care Practicum student if taken concurrently with ECE). They will be expected to have good attendance and work appropriately with both children and adults. An application must be filled out to be accepted into this course each semester. Students must obtain or have a Food Handler’s Card at the start of the semester. CPR/First aid is highly recommended.

     Recommended Sequence of Classes

    Freshman year: Child Development 1
    Sophomore year: Child Care TA, Child Development 2
    Junior Year: Early Childhood Education, Child Care Practicum
    Senior Year: Human Development, Child Care Work Experience – Off Campus
    *required courses for the Concentration

    Name: Martine Von Ins-Barnett
    Email Address: martineb@sthelens.k12.or.us
    Phone number: 503-366-7426
    Classroom B-41

    Teen Cuisine
    Beginning foods class for students with little or no cooking experience. Basic cooking and kitchen techniques are covered including food and kitchen safety, cooking terminology and techniques, planning, preparing and serving easy to prepare dishes and meals. Food units include quick and yeast breads, main dish foods, salads and vegetables, desserts, and snack foods.
    Chef School and Lion Catering
    Students learn the aspects of the Hospitality Industry studying the curriculum written by the National Restaurant Association for high school students. More advanced culinary skills are practiced in class labs, and then put to practice in our Lion Catering business. Students can earn certificates from the Restaurant Association, participate in culinary competitions, and have the potential to earn Mt. Hood Community College credit after completing culinary course requirements.
    International Cuisine
    Students will prepare a variety of foods from Oregon, the United States, Europe, Russia and Asia. Learn about each country and itsculture. You will practice preparingfoods common to each regional area.
    Name: Amelie Rousseau
    Email Address: amelier@sthelens.k12.or.us 
    URL :Amelie Rousseau
    Phone number: 503-366-7434