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    Contact Info 2019-20    Schedule
    Name Neil Ford P1    Physical Science
    Email neilf@sthelens.k12.or.us     P2    Physical Science
    Phone     503.366.7493 P3    Physical Science
    Room A-4  P4    Prep
                      P5    AP Chemistry
        P6    Chemistry
        P7     Chemistry


    Distance Learning for All COVID-19 Update

    Office Hours: 10am - Noon Monday through Friday will be administered via email, voicemail (calling my school ilwe3uynumber will leave a voice message in my email inbox), and occassionally Google Meet.  Google Meet codes will be accessible via Google Classroom.

    Google Classroom: Course material will be kept up to date on Google Classroom.  To access each course:

    1. Make sure you are logged into your sthelens.k12.or.us account

    2. Visit classroom.google.com

    3. You should already be enrolled in the course, but if you need the invite code here they are:

     Physical Science - ilwe3uy

    Chemistry - rr6qvdq

    AP Chem - iiwrmkq