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    National School Public Relations Association’s Honorable Mention Awards

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    Jerry Freund, Marleen Zytniowski, Ed Leader
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    Licensed Employees of the Year

              David Schmor

              Jim Crislip

              Joan Tayler

              Hillary Neun Benhardt


    Classified Employees of the Year

              Kathryn Hugill

              Jeannine Flynn

              Jared Plahn

              Patricia Logan
    NW Oregon Conference 3 Time Coach of the Year
    Bill Rash
    Oregon and NW Washington’s Sunburst Award for Education – Young Audiences – For the district’s exemplary commitment to the arts in education.  April 2010
    St. Helens School District’s Professional Learning Teams were nationally recognized in a joint publication with Corwin, Education Northwest, and AASA, a start-up guide for improving instruction.
    David Schmor
    2009-2010 Inspirational Teacher Award
    Donna Rethati

    Oregon Department of Education’s LIGHTHOUSE AWARD WINNER! – Donna Rethati


    Winner of the Lighthouse Award for February is Donna Rethati, Data Assessment Application Analyst for St Helens School District.


    The Lighthouse Award is named for the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the only Wonder of the Ancient World that was both architecturally elegant AND practical (it stood for about 1,600 years), this award is presented to an individual or group who goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide assistance or who demonstrates great teamwork.  In addition to special mention in the Data NEWSline, Donna will be mailed the specially designed Lighthouse Award Certificate.

    Donna was nominated by, Jeri Deady of St Helens School District. 


    Here’s what Jeri has to say about Donna:


    Donna Rethati embodies the traits described for the coveted Lighthouse Award.  Elegant:  In her role as the Data Assessment Application Analyst, Donna presents as professional, striving to find the right words, the correct procedure, and the appropriate chain of command; yet she is also practical-always looking for ways to assist administrators, teachers, and staff in all the details of district data collections.  Donna is an individual who always goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide clarification and support.  Donna is also a team player working closely with district and building staff to collect and submit verifiable data.  Above all, Donna is a “Bloodhound” always questioning the status quo and researching the background necessary to enable us to make the right decisions.  In this ever morphing world of increased data collection and accountability, we are lucky to have someone like Donna in this role. 


    Congratulations Donna!!!

    Nancy Bubl

    30+ year veteran teacher, Nancy Bubl, from Lewis & Clark received the Chamber of Commerce’s Educator of the Year.  Nancy started in the St. Helens School District as a “Special Reading” part time teacher. From there, she became the “Chapter 1” reading teacher. Her next stop was three years teaching 6th grade, then five years teaching 4th grade, then seven years teaching 5th grade. She has served as the TAG Liaison for Lewis & Clark for several years.


    For the last two years, Nancy has been the Title Reading Teacher at Lewis & Clark for grades 3, 4, and 5. She has redesigned our model of delivery of Title Reading services to align with current best practices. Her long commitment to the children of St. Helens especially in regard to reading success is accentuated by her enthusiasm this year for a Reading Lab every morning before school. Students arrive at 7:00am to meet with Mrs. Bubl in the Library where they select books at their level and read for 45 minutes. They are then given breakfast and sent on to their classrooms by 8:00am. Nancy has motivated these children to consistently come to the morning Reading Lab and diligently tracked their attendance and their growth in reading as well as determined who will also be served again later in the day in her regular Title classes. She is excited to see the children excited about reading and every morning greets students and staff alike with her smile and obvious love of teaching.


    Nanette Hagen, St. Helens High School Principal
    The right place, the right time, the right technology. A high school principal and her fellow staff members are being hailed as heroes after using a portable defibrillator to shock a man back to life.
    Jared Plahn
    During this difficult time of budget cuts we would like to recognize the efforts of all staff working together to discover and target savings opportunities.  We would also like to highlight Jared Plahn for his enormous cost savings to the district by improving the operation of the high school boiler and HVAC equipment.  These improvements alone estimate at least a $25,000 savings in natural gas costs this year