St. Helens School District Budget Information

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     Budget Committee Information

    The St. Helens School District’s Budget Committee consists of five members appointed by the school board plus the five elected school board members. Terms for a budget committee position are three years. To be eligible for appointment the appointive member must reside in the district, be registered to vote in the district; and not be an officer, agent or employee of the district.
    Current Budget Committee members and term expiration dates are:
    Kellie Smith (School Board) 6/30/21
    Melody Killens (School Board) 6/30/23
    Ryan Scholl (School Board) 6/30/21
    Trinity Monahan (School Board) 6/30/21
    Bill Amos (School Board) 6/30/23
    Open (Position 1) 6/30/21
    Erica Winnestorfer (Position 2) 6/30/21
    Open (Position 3) 6/30/23
    Open (Position 4) 6/30/21
    Rachael Barry (Position 5) 6/30/23



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