• St. Helens Middle School embraces the practice of School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS).  This is a systematic practice of supporting, teaching and reinforcing pro-social behavior for all of our students.  To the left are sub-pages outlining information regarding what SWPBS is in more detail, an informational video, and examples of behavioral expectations we are teaching to our young Trojans!



    Students are reinforced for doing the right thing with a GOTCHA. This creates a positive atmosphere and promotes an environment where students are at their best for learning. 
    GOTCHA’s: Teachers and staff are watching for students who are displaying exemplary behavior that is Safe, Respectful and/or Responsible. When students are “caught” they may receive a GOTCHA.   Students turn their slips in to the main office for the following incentives:

                    Daily –    GOTCHA’s will be entered into a daily drawing for a choice out of the “prize” bin.

    Weekly – There will be weekly drawings for a ticket that is redeemable for a multitude of options (must pick one)

    including:  Leave 5 minutes early to lunch, sit in teacher’s chair, free warm-up, free tardy, etc…

                    Monthly – Monthly drawings will be for gift certificates redeemable in the community or at school having approximately

    $5 value (i.e. – pool, bowling, coffee shop, lunch with a selected adult, etc…)

                    Quarterly – Quarterly field trips will be arranged recognizing GOTCHA winners and/or general positive behaviors. 



Last Modified on August 23, 2021