• Welcome to the SHMS Math Web Page!

    If you are looking for help or a challenge you have come to the right place

    The Algebra 1 Textbook is online ... so check with your teacher for the access code.  PH Algebra1

    The Prentice Hall textbook website has a skills handbook,
    practice problems, vocabulary and all the worksheets.

    You are encouraged to work together.  

    Your parent or guardian may help you as much as they feel comfortable.

    But, it is your work, so make sure you understand the
    techniques that they are using well enough to explain the process.


    Research has shown that information is retained longer when it is worked for
    and discovered rather than given ...

    so you will be expected to struggle a little this year.

    Have Fun! Challenge yourself!


    If you need:

Last Modified on September 30, 2009