• Nutrition Notes

         Students need to use their student ID cards each day for the computerized lunch line.  These ID cards are used for prepaid and free and reduced meals.  Students may also pay with cash.  Returning students can use last year's cards until new cards are issued.

         You can pay in advance for your student's meals and it will be kept on their individual account.  When sending money with your student for lunches, please send a check or cash in an envelope.  Questions about your student's account can be directed to Leona McCann (503-366-7315) at the middle school.  The main office does not collect money for the lunch program.  

         We do not allow students to charge their lunch at the middle school.  If there is a true emergency, parents may call:  

    Misty Crawford                mistyc@sthelens.k12.or.us
    Director of Nutrition
      Applications for free and reduced lunches can be obtained at the main office or on-line through the district office link on this site.  Thank you for your cooperation.  The nutrition staff looks forward to providing healthy and tasty meals for your students.


Last Modified on September 5, 2014