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    Life-Science Scope & Sequence

    Life Science Scope and Sequence  


    Classroom Policies

    Be Responsible:

    It's all about learning. Come to my classroom ready to learn. 

    Be Respectful:

    Treat each other, the learning process and our equipment with respect.

    Be Safe:

    If there is an accident tell Mrs. Charbonneau right away. If it might hurt you or someone else don't do it. 


    Absent, Late Work and Grading Policies 

    Where to find out what you will be doing for the week – Daily assignments for the week will be posted on the whiteboard. Daily assignments are due the same day unless otherwise stated by the teacher. 

    Late Work Students are required to review their progress reports and turn in any missing work before the next progress report. If an assignment is not turned in by the next progress report then it can be made up only after a teacher/student conference.

    Absent Work Students are required to complete any work they have missed, due to absence.  If students were informed about the assignment before their absence then the assignment is due on the day of their return. Otherwise, students will be given one day for each day they were absent to make up their work.

    Labs - Once lab equipment has been put away other arrangements will have to be made for a lab grade.

    Missed Assignments - It is the student’s responsibility (I will not remind you) to check the Absent Work file box for missed (or lost) assignments. 

    Grades - Assessments (tests, projects, quizzes, labs) are worth 70% of your grade. In other words, STUDY and PREPARE for your tests. In order to retake an assessment, you must show what you have done to learn the material.


Last Modified on October 28, 2019