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    "Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding"
             ~Brian Green, author of "The Elegant Universe"


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    Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science with Mrs. Trasciatti!

    This is my 23th year of teaching and my 15th year teaching science, and I am looking forward to working and learning together in the year ahead!  This year 7th grade science students will learn all about life science and they will conduct a variety of science experiments using the scientific method.  I am looking forward to helping my students be successful in science and to develop their "inner scientist".  
    I'm originally from the east coast, but I love it here in Oregon and have lived here since 1998.  After earning my Master of Science Degree in Marine Environmental Science from Stony Brook University in 1997 and working as an outdoor science instructor with OMSI for two years, I realized I wanted to become a science teacher.  I have taught science in New Mexico and Oregon, including 6th, 7th and 8th grade integrated science, as well as high school Biology, Environmental Science and Physics.  I also enjoyed teaching Health and Wellness for 8 years at St. Helens Middle School, before returning to science in 2018.  In my free time I enjoy kayaking, hiking, reading, gardening, spending time with my husband and our 2 cats, and volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society where I walk and train awesome dogs waiting to be adopted. 

    I am available to meet with students or parents/guardians before and after school (when I am not on duty).  Please feel free to contact me to make arrangements for extra help. The best way to contact me is by email (elizabethtr@sthelens.k12.or.us), or call and leave a message at 503-366-7300, ext. 7346 and I will return your call as soon as possible.

    Classroom Expectations

    1.     Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

    2.     Give the speaker your undivided attention and raise your hand to contribute.

    3.     Be on time, prepared, and try your best every day.

    4.     Follow all directions and safety guidelines.

    5.     Treat equipment and materials with care.

    Grading Policy
    • Assessments (quizzes, tests, projects) are worth 70% of your grade.  This means they count over 2 times as much as all of your daily work added together! So, you need to study for our quizzes and tests and put your best effort into projects!


    • Packets and Daily work account for the other 30%. This work helps you be prepared for your assessments.


    • Absent work will always be accepted if it is turned in within a reasonable amount of time and you have an excused absence.  Be sure to check the absent work crate!


    • Late work will be accepted but may not be graded right away.  Quarters are 9 weeks long, and late work will not be accepted after the end of the 8th week.  (I will make it very clear in class when the deadline for late work will be.)  Once equipment has been put away labs can no longer be made up, but an alternative assignment will be given.


    • Retakes are welcomed. You must be able to show what you did to prepare for the retake. I will ask to see your notes, flashcards, or completed packets before I give you the retake.


    • If you are interested in raising your grade, turn in any missing work and/or make an appointment to re-take one of your assessments; extra credit is not an option. 
    You Tube Video: Brian Green on the Importance of Science Education:








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