• Welcome to Physical Education.  I am currently teaching at St. Helens Middle School.  At SHMS we are working on movement concepts which are directly related to the left and right side of the brain that is used in all subject areas.  Students are learning to be socially responsible and why physical activity will be important throughout their lives.
    One in three children in the United States are overweight or considered obese.  Not only do both problems correlate with numerous health hazards but recent studies have shown a correlation with a slower learning ability.  I am dedicated to improving the health of our children regardless of age or gender.
    Physical Education is an academic subject and it's the only subject that is mandated by the state for each child to have every day PE starting in 2017.  Because, it is an academic area students are assessed in movement concepts, health and fitness and the ability to learn and understand in a social society.  Each student should be prepared to learn each day by dressing down for activity, listening to instructions, trying all activities, and treating others with respect.  
    Students are always welcome to make up any tests until the last day of the quarter.  If a student misses one day of PE regardless of the reason they can make it up by doing 30 minutes of activity.   They can obtain a make-up sheet or simply put the following information on a piece of notebook paper:  Name, period, type of activity, the date of the activity, the amount of time and it should have a parent's signature.  These actitivites can be as simple as walking the dog, raking leaves outside, and as difficult as practicing and playing a sport.
    If you have any questions it is best to email me at: dianek@sthelens.k12.or.us
Last Modified on November 20, 2017