• Welcome to Mr. Rash's Web Page!

    Name: Bill Rash
    Email Address: williamr@sthelens.k12.or.us
    Phone number: 503-366-7327
    My Office hour schedule will look like this:
    Tuesday 11-1
    Thursday 2-4
    Please contact me if you have any questions I can help you with.
    I hope all of you are doing well during this time. If you can't reach me during these office hours, email at any time and I will get back to you. We will have some supplemental learning for you to take a look at shortly. Stay tuned for more information. Things are changing quickly.
    FYI- Sir Isaak Newton was in quarantine during the 1600's because of the Plague. While he was social distancing he explained:
    ALL Laws of Motion
    The acceleration of Gravity
    He invented Calculus

Last Modified on April 13, 2020