• School Policy


    Cell Phones and Other Electronic Communication Devices

    Cell phones and their use are not allowed on the Columbia County Education Campus*. 


    The office telephone is available for student emergency outgoing calls and messaging for incoming calls. 


    Arrangements for transportation, money, and meals need to be made prior to coming to school, so these calls do not tie up the office telephone.


    Consequences for violating policy:


    1st Offense

    2nd Offense

    3rd Offense


    Confiscation of the phone by staff to be returned at the end of the day.

    Confiscation of the phone by staff to be returned to a parent/ guardian with a completed Problem Solve.

    Confiscation of the phone by staff.  Referral with suspension. Return of phone to the parent at a conference to discuss disrupting behavior. Continued disregard for the policy may result in a recommendation for expulsion.


    The administration may escalate the sequence of consequences depending on the circumstances of the offense.


    * This includes any school activity on or off campus.

Last Modified on January 18, 2011