• The Columbia River Youth Corps’ students earn a St. Helens High School Diploma. We are administered through the HS and students have access to the counseling center, library, and extra-curricular activities.
         CRYC Graduate

     CRYC/SHHS Academic Plan Note: this is an outline to assist with meeting the minimum requirements. It is strongly recommended that all students complete three years of study in a Career Pathway/Academic Concentration within the elective options. Additionally, two years of second language study are required for Oregon University System entrance, yet many colleges require three years of study. Also, Speech and Personal Finance are not required for graduation, but are strongly recommended as elective options.


    In addition to the required coursework, CRYC graduates demonstrate proficiency in these Essential Skills :


    1. Read and comprehend a variety of text

    2. Write clearly and accurately

    3. Listen actively and speak clearly and coherently

    4. Apply mathematics in a variety of settings


    Personalized Learning

    Education Plan & Profile - Develop an education plan and build an education profile to guide learning toward student’s personal, career and post-high school goals

    Career-Related Learning Standards – Students demonstrate knowledge and skills in:

    1. personal management,

    2. problem solving,

    3. communication,

    4. teamwork,

    5. employment foundations, and

    6. career development.

    Career-Related Learning Experiences - Participate in experiences that connect classroom learning with real life experiences in the workplace, community, and/or school

    Extended Application - Apply and extend knowledge and skills in new and complex situations related to the student’s personal and career interests and post-high school goals.

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    Graduation Requirements


    English Language Arts – 4 credits

    Mathematics – 3 credits

    Science – 3 credits –*scientific inquiry (2 with lab experiences)

    Social Sciences – 3 credits

    Career & Technical Education, The Arts, and/or Second Language – 3 credits

    *(any one area or in combination)

    Physical Education – 1 credit

    Health Education – 1 credit

    Future Focus – .5 credit

    Electives – 5 credits

    Senior Project- .5 credit

    Total Credits 24


Last Modified on May 12, 2013