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    Canoe Crew: Lewis & Clark's 5th Grade

    Meaningful Work Program

    Lewis & Clark staff members feel strongly about creating opportunities for students to find purpose and a sense of belonging within the school. Meaningful Work is a school-based program that allows students to succeed as leaders and contributors. The fifth graders are taking advantage of such opportunities by being part of the Lewis & Clark Canoe Crew.

    The Canoe Crew is a group of students who have been hired for helping positions within the school building. These students learn about the job process by reading job postings, filling out an application and interviewing for the job of their choice. Most jobs are done before school each morning.

    We have had as many as 151 students employed in 177 positions such as Custodial Assistant, Office Assistant, Teacher Assistant, Library Assistant, Office Housekeeper, Camera Crew, Technology Crew, Crossing Guard, Assembly Assistants, Substitutes, Flag Raisers, Delivery Persons, Copier Technicians, Popcorn Crew, and Tutors.

    In 2006, Principal Cathy Carson shared the vision for this program with one of the Counselors and the program took off from there. The Counselor said, "these students are making real contributions to many important elements of our learning environment and are acting as leaders and model students by showing their commitment to being Safe, Respectful and Responsible."

Last Modified on November 18, 2016