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    Supervising Adult – Please Read

    We strongly advise that an adult accompany children when they are exploring pages on the web.

    Resources on this site were chosen because they appeared to contain useful tools and information at the time they were selected.

    Some sites will require adult assistance for children to be able to access the activities successfully.

    In general, we have tried to avoid sites with excessive advertising when a non-commercial alternative exists.  However, many commercial sites are extremely valuable resources and should not be overlooked just because of their commercial ties.  For this reason we have included sites that display ads or even pop-up windows.

    A link’s inclusion in this site is not an endorsement of any product or commercial entity.

    Adults should discuss the advertising students may encounter when they use these sites.  To their credit, several sites for students clearly label their advertising content.  Even if there are not obvious ads on a site sponsored by a commercial entity, students should be reminded of possible bias in the information they may find there.

    Should you discover that a site is no longer relevant, inaccurate, contains inappropriate content, or inappropriate advertising, please contact us.  Our Technology Team will immediately review the site.