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    Name: Mr. Troy G. McNeil
    B.S. Business Administration, Oregon State University
    M.A. Teaching, Concordia University
    Email Address: troymc@sthelens.k12.or.us 
    Phone number: 503-366-7467
    Room Number: B51
    Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm
    Outside of Office Hours (before school, after school, lunch) by appointment 

    Everyone can learn.
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    Homework Policy -
    All homework assignments are due the day following their assignment, unless otherwise noted.  They must be COMPLETED and turned in to the homework “IN” baskets before my door closes for the day.  As a standard message for everyone, if it's turned in late, I will get to it at some point but I do not guarantee when.  That's why I encourage students to do and turn in their work immediately, so as not to be sitting "missing" even if they turn it in late. Late or incomplete assignments will show as missing in Parent/Studentvue.  That's the trade off of turning in late assignments.  Plus, I believe that performance on homework is correlated to performance on quizzes and tests.

    Geometry and Integrated 1 homework is graded based on correct answers to randomly selected problems.  Geometry and Integrated 1 students will not know which problems are being evaluated so they should complete all problems.  Discrete students will have all of their homework graded then scaled out of 10 points.  If parents or students want to know if something is turned in, students should show completed work to their parents before they bring it to school.  Late homework is tedious for everyone. I am date stamping when I receive late homework and will get to it when time allows.

    Please email me if you have any further questions.


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