• Introducing Atomic Learning for Parents and Students


    Atomic Learning  


    Does your child have technology questions? Do you wish you had someone who could help? Just ask  AL!
    AL stands for Atomic Learning, our online resource for software training. AL is available to our students and their families in school and at home throughout the school year.


    Atomic Learning’s innovative approach to software training focuses on answering common questions encountered when learning and using software. How do you cut and paste in Word? How do you add animation to a PowerPoint slide? How do you crop a photo in Photoshop Elements? Just ask AL.


    1.     Go tohttps://learnit.hoonuit.com/ 

    2.     Enter your user name and password:
    User Name:*****  ( Contact Your School Office for Login Information)

    3.     Type your question in the search box and click on Go!

    4.     An answer will be provided in the form of a one- to three-minute tutorial movie. The movie will walk you and your child through all the steps needed to complete the task.


    Our school district is dedicated to providing the highest quality technology resources available in order to prepare our students for their futures. That is why we are making Atomic Learning available to you—we want you to have the resources to help your child with school work. And while you’re at it, you can use Atomic Learning to learn about software applications that interest you!