"Ah, there's nothing more exciting than science. You get all the fun of sitting still, being quiet, writing down numbers, paying attention... Science has it all." —Principal Skinner, The Simpsons




Degrees and Certifications:


  • Nooo!  That's NOT what science is about. We'll find out what it really is over the next year. But first... 


    Hello and Welcome to Mr. Kienle’s Website


    Chris Kienle  

    8th Grade Physical Science 

    7th Grade AVID Elective Teacher 

    Phone: 503.366.7353

    Email: chriski@sthelens.k12.or.us


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    A Little About Myself

    I graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Masters of Arts in Teaching seven years ago.  Right after graduating, I found myself living and working in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  This is where I got my first teaching job at the high school teaching advanced science classes, engineering, and robotics.  After two short years in Klamath it was time to leave. I am very excited to be teaching in St. Helens.  I have been Teaching 7th grade at the middle school for 4 years now and have been loving every minute of it.  While I have been doing 7th grade science,I am also very excited to be moving to 8th grade science starting this year!  


    Class Schedule 

    Period 1 - 8th Grade Physical Science 

    Period 2 - 8th Grade Physical Science 

    Period 3 - 8th Grade Physical Science


    7th Grade AVID Elective 

    Period 5 - 8th Grade Physical Science

    Period 6 - Plan Period 


    Some Helpful Information:

    Tardy Policy

    When the bell rings it is an expectation that you are in the classroom at your seat ready to get to work.  If you are not in your seat you will be marked tardy for the class period.  


    Grading Policy

    We are currently using standards based grading techniques at St. Helens Middle School!  This means that everything you do in class relates directly to one or more of the Next Generation Science Standards (Curious?  Check the link in the ‘links’ section).  Because I want to know what you learned from our time together the following grade split is in use:


           Tests/projects/labs/quizzes…………. 70%

           Homework/class work ..………........… 30%


    Any student that wishes to retake a test due to a low grade is welcome to do so.  However, you will need to complete additional work and/or go to a re-teach session before you are eligible. 


    Absences and Late Work  

    Late work definition:  Any assignment that does not get turned in on the day Mr. Kienle was expecting. 


    If you were absent and want to know what you missed use the “ask three (classmates), then me (Mr. Kienle)”.  Or you could refer to the class schedule on the whiteboard, visit the clearly marked ‘absent work’ crate (works for lost papers too!), or look at the website. 


    If you have an excused absence on a day when an assignment is due there will be no penalty for the late work. 


    Before the end of each quarter I will clearly post and announce a ‘last call’ date for missing work.  Any assignments that come in after that date will not be included in the final quarter grade. 



    We have one class set of Life Science textbooks that live in the classroom.  These books are not to leave the classroom under any conditions.  However, if you need a book to study from at home there are copies available for overnight checkout in the library. 


    Food and Drink

    Food and Drink (other than water) are no allowed outside of the cafeteria.  Water bottles are okay. 



    At no time should electronics be out during class time.  Please keep them turned off and in your lockers.  If electronic devises are discovered they will be confiscated.  This also includes headphones.