Mr. Andrew Coffin

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  • Andrew Coffin
    Science Teacher
    B.S. Cornell University - 2007
    M.A.T. Western Oregon University - 2012

    503-366-7460 - you can call this number and leave a voicemail at any time

    **COVID-19 Update**

    As all schools in Oregon are closed during the COVID pandemic, we have shifted to try and offer resources and supports for students and families. Refer to the remote learning page that should be available on the district or high school homepage. Additionally, teachers are available for regular office hours, mine is 10:20-12:20 Monday through Friday until further notice.


    Class Schedule 2019-2020:

    Period 1 - Horticulture
    Period 2 - Natural Resources
    Period 3 - Prep Period
    Period 4 - Physical Science
    Period 5 - Physical Science
    Period 6 - Physical Science
    Period 7 - Natural Resources

    I am available before school (7:30 - 8:15am) during lunch most days (12:00-12:30pm) and after school (3:15-3:30pm) to meet/talk with students or parents; or email me to set up an appointment.