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    School Nurse
    Robin Loper
    Phone: 503-366-7695 


    What Services Does the School Nurse Provide?

    School nurses support student success through health promotion, prevention services and education. The school nurse is an advocate linking home, school and the medical
    community in support of student academic success. School nurses provide the following services: 
    • Illness, injury assessments and interventions 
    • Screening for health factors impacting student education
    • Identification, assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of student health concerns
    • Medication administration
    • Pediatric nursing procedures: ventilators, gastrostomy feedings, tracheostomy care, catheterization
    • Guidelines for school district health policies, goals and objectives
    • School/community/health care provider liaison
    • Individualized Nursing Care Plans and services for students with disabilities and/or health conditions that interfere with learning
    • Chronic disease management and education
    • Health assessments/participation in Individualized Education Plan development 
    • Health curriculum training for district staff 
    • Crisis team participation