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    Welcome to my webpage! I have been teaching Special Education with St. Helens School District since 2015. My amazing staff and I absolutly love working with children and having "light bulb" moments with them. My team also enjoys working along side of parents to help the child grow socially, academicaly, and emotionally through elementary school. Our goal is to set them up for a life of success and thriving. 



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  • Grumpy Monkey

    by Suzanne Lang Year Published: children's fiction

    This book shows the true meaning of friendship 

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  • The Boxcar Children

    by Gertrude Chandler Waren Year Published: fiction

    This book is so fun and interesting for young readers who have been in chapter books for a little while. This classic is NEW to our children and they enjoy learning about the 4 siblings and how they adventure and preceive the world. 

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  • Stewart Little

    by E.B. White Year Published: Fiction

    Another staple in my classroom is E.B. White's Stewart Little. This exciting chapter book shows bravery, friendship, hoensty, and compassion in a simple fast paced story. The children are often excited to read this in their small group and share what has previously happened in the story. We encourage the children to compare the movie and the book often. 

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  • Charolette’s Web

    by E.B. White Year Published: fiction

    This book is a classic in my classroom. The children LOVE to dive into the story and activities on friendship and empathy while read a chapter book and answering comprehension questions. Charolette is an excellent model of true friendship and wisdom for the students. 

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