• Columbia River Youth Corps (CRYC)

    We are a school year Service Corps and summertime Conservation Corps program,
     located in beautiful Columbia County, on the mighty Columbia River between
    Astoria and Portland.
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     The Youth Corps began in the fall of 1995 operating out of a 10’ by 12’ office in the Columbia County Parks Department facility.  The Youth Corps partnered with the OYCC and St. Helens School District as a pilot project through Cascade Education Corps in Forest Grove. Today, our campus is centered in a little white schoolhouse on Bachelor Flat Road near the County Fairgrounds.
    The staff consists of one teacher and one crew leader/project director.We expanded the program from the original 6 students to 14. The students are primarily from St. Helens school district but all students are accepted from other districts as well.  These students find great success within our integrated program which includes a traditional classroom and rigorous hands-on field work in their community. These two investments the students make in themselves and in their greater community pay the double dividend of academic achievement and active civic responsibility.
    Our coursework closely mirrors that of any other high school, but the delivery is centered on personal development, vocational skills, environmental stewardship, and team building.
Last Modified on October 26, 2018