• Woodworking 1


    Course Syllabus

    St. Helens High School


    Course:                                   Woodworking 17006

    Course Period:                       3rd and 4th

    Course / office location:        Building D Room 64

    Course Duration:                  One Semester – (85 days X 50 min)

    Instructor:                              Troy Frisk                       

    Office hours:                          8:00am to 3:30pm

    Office phone:                         (503) 366-7416

    E-Mail:                                   troyf@sthelens.k12.or.us


    Course Description

                Woodworking is a course designed to introduce students to general woodworking practices.  Students will expand their knowledge and experience through various projects, lessons, and vocabulary.  Students will be expected to learn about and safely use hand tools, power tools, and woodworking machinery.  The projects are designed to give students as much experience as possible by using many different machines and tools.  The projects will also cover as many aspects of the building and woodworking industries as is possible in an entry level course.
                Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have woodworking skills that will be useful in any aspect of the construction industry.  Additionally, the student should have a broader understanding of construction processes as well as more in depth problem solving skills.  This course is also a pre-requisite for Building Construction.



    Required Equipment and Supplies

    1.      Pencil (every day)

    2.      Proper work clothing (no high heels, sandals, etc)



    At the end of the quarter I will assign students a letter grade based on the following criteria:

                                                    A =  90% to 100%

                                                    B =  80% to 89%

                                                    C =  70% to 79%

                                                    D =  60% to 69%

                                                    F =    0% to 59%


    It is the student’s responsibility to account for material covered on days absent. I will calculate your grade by expressing your total accumulated points at the end of the term as a percentage of the possible points. It will be a letter grade based on the following:


    1.      Tool Tests                         (16%) (Absent on test days may result in essay assignment)

    2.      Projects                             (68%)

    3.      Machine Reports / Forms (16%)

    All projects should be sanded to a smooth finish with no burn marks, scratches, glue marks, pencil marks, or odd contours


    Assignment 1— Measuring stick (100pts.)

                This project is a “warm-up” project for measuring and their first encounter in the class with the band saw.

    Assignment 2—Puzzle (200pts.)

                This project provides students experience using the band saw.  This project also requires use of chisels, files, measuring, and detail work.

    Assignment 3—Helicopter (300pts.)

                The helicopter project introduces students to a variety of different machines, tools, and various woodworking skills.  Students will use the planer, band saw, sanders, router, drill press, and hand tools.


    Assignment 4—Dog House (500pts.)

                The dog house teaches the basics of house framing.  This project demonstrates floor framing, wall, door framing, window framing, rafter framing, siding, and roofing. This is a group project consisting of 4-7 members. Grading is performed by students grading each other on work ethic and quality.

    Extra Assignment 1—Brace

                This project requires precise cuts using the chop saw.  Safety and accuracy are of utmost concern as students will be cutting using miter and bevel cuts.  Introduction and use of the Jointer is also covered.

    Extra Assignment 2—Band saw box

                The band saw project lets students use much of their own creativity.  Students are required to choose their own design of wood. Lecture is video based.

    In alignment with State and National standards, this course provides representation and assessment in the following areas:

    Common Career Technical Core Standards (CCTC) Numbers: AC-CST (1 – 9)


    CCTC Curriculum Template:



    Oregon Skill Sets Carpentry Focus area: COZ01.01 – COZ10.02


    Oregon Skill Sets Carpentry Focus area: COPF10.01 - COPF10.18