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St. Helens Recreation Program


The City of St. Helens and St. Helens School District have partnered to bring a Recreation Program to St. Helens. The program, which launches at the end of April with the publication of a summer recreation calendar, will provide a central location where community members can find a wide range of recreational activities that are available in St. Helens. The initial calendar will include activities that begin on June 1, 2018 or later and are free or low cost for citizens to enjoy.


For years, community members and local agencies have wanted to create a centralized program where people can more easily find and plug into the many recreational activities and groups that St. Helens citizens already enjoy. Both the City of St. Helens and St. Helens School District identify building a better community as one of their main agency goals and believe that a recreation program is one way to help support that goal.


In December 2017, staff from the City and School District began meeting to discuss what a St. Helens Recreation Program would look like. The School District has sports facilities, fields, classrooms, and other spaces that are not fully utilized after hours and both agencies felt that a partnership would help bring a much-needed, streamlined recreation program to the community. Serving the same families, the partnership will allow an expansion of recreational opportunities without requiring either organization to build extra facilities of its own to meet public demand. This will also help save taxpayer money.


The two agencies started to inventory what recreation activities already existed in St. Helens, discussed how a centralized recreation program could help community members connect with existing activities, and brainstormed a few new programs to add to the list, including drop-in sports, arts, and craft meetups, and do-it-yourself classes.


To help facilitate the program, the City is currently exploring options to hire a recreation coordinator who would work with local groups and the School District to manage event information and publish the Recreation Program calendar.


Applications will be included in the Recreation Program calendar for any community member, business, or group that would like to list a recreational activity in the calendar. 


For further information regarding the new St. Helens Recreation Program, please contact the City of St. Helens Finance Director Matt Brown at or 503-366-8227.

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